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​​Never give any information out about yourself (or anyone else) over the Internet.

Never download any files on to your computer without a parent or adult's consent.

If anyone online says anything inappropriate to you, harasses you, or sends you unwanted e-mail, tell an adult immediately, and report it to the proper authorities.

Remember that on the Internet, people can pretend to be who they are not, and they may go to great lengths to sound convincing.

If you use chat rooms, use a different chat name (if possible) than your user name or e-mail address.

Remember, Internet friendships, relationships, and conversations can never be as true, personal, and rewarding as they are in person. If you really need to talk to someone, find a friend, family member, or adult you trust.​

Be wary of ANYONE who wants to know personal information about you.

Never buy anything over the Internet without your parent or guardian's approval.





Photo: Kids in Barbados Learning Internet Safety Tips from Deon Olton of the CCSC.

Photo: A student sharing her online safety experience with others.

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