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​Key concepts we emphasized to both parents and teachers in support of teaching our children cyber security safety  include:


  • Students will be taught and asked to commit to not sharing personal information with people they view as "friends" online. This includes their real name, address, phone number, financial information, school name, passwords, or other private information. 

  • It will reinforce to students to talk openly with their parents or guardian about what they see online and should always tell them if anyone asks for personal information. 

  • Students will be encouraged to follow the family and school rules about safety on the Internet and when playing online games. 

  • Although many students know basic ways to stay safe while online, they will be asked to commit to being ethical online users. 

  • Post only what you would feel comfortable with the whole world seeing, including parents or college admissions personnel.

  • Never use the Internet to spread gossip, bully or hurt someone’s reputation. 

  • Students and teachers will be taught what security tools are available to protect themselves, their personal information, and their computer from viruses, spyware, and spam. 

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